Acapulco Travel Guide

foto 3Acapulco is a combination of a lot of things: a beach paradise that is home to all-nighters and dance clubs, a land that had its fair share of roles in Mexican history and pirate attacks and a sport haven for triathlons, golf and tennis. With so much going on, it is no wonder that this seaside town continues in popularity among tourists. Imagine sitting on the warm sand, you holding a frosty beer with the dew rolling off and a sunset over the Pacific. Then standing on the rocky cliff to watch a diver jump a 136-foot drop into the swirling oceans below.

The lifeline of Acapulco is the main street, Avenida Costera Miguel Aleman, also known locally as just "The Costera". If you are going almost anywhere in your next Acapulco vacations (beaches, shopping, dining or drinking), it'll most likely be on this street. Most of Acapulco's major attractions are either on or very close to this busy street which is a perfect spot to have lunch or dinner and do some serious people watching.

foto 1So whether it's the nightlife that you've come for or the shady palapas (thatched huts) on the beach, drinking a Coco Loco cocktail, you can take comfort in the fact that your vacation will be a pleasant experience. Come on down and find out for yourself.